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Joan Wilson is known as the Business Corner Woman.  She lands a knock out each time with her clients by utilizing her 1-2 punch combination strategies, per sé, to help them creatively sort out business branding ideas and uniquely package them into a profitable product platform.

Coupled with her “Let’s Win” attitude, Joan is well conditioned to take an individual from a novice to a Dream & Revenue Champion.  Her ability to be quick on her feet in business and a south paw (graphics artist) helped to shape her entrepreneurship journey.  She has had to spar with adversity and box out fear in her life, health and business endeavors, where she has been able to gain more confidence to increase her bottom line.

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She uniquely uses her visual branding background to assist individuals in creating knock out visual social media campaigns and signature presentations that increases their bottom line by offering their products and services to the people that want, need and will buy – because it is wrapped around clarity of purpose.  In addition, Joan is a dynamic content and curriculum expert.

Joan is the author of the Amazon Best Seller – Don’t Count Me Out ~ I’m Just Getting Started and founder of the Corner Woman movement for women who seek accountability and support to move past life’s most difficult transitions. As a widow and a fighter of Kidney disease, she uses her Be A Knock OutTM strategy approach, to encourage women to not throw in the towel or count themselves out.  She is deeply committed to stepping in the mindset ring of life and helping map out achievable strategies to win!  Joan has two sons and two granddaughters…who are all knock out in her life.

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Presentation Topics:
* 6-Figure Content Launch
* The Art of Visual Branding and Marketing
* Create a Winning Signature “Sales” Presentation Deck
* How to Create Products in 24 Hrs or Less for your Business
* Bringing Out the Champion in You

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