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Meet Joan


Speaker, Inspirer, Trainer of Women to Spar With Adversity and Box Out Fear, Business Corner Woman, Advocate for the American Kidney Foundation

Do you remember the movie Rocky (well, 1, 2, 3 or 4 – doesn’t matter), his corner man at no time felt that Rocky could not win the fight. He was there telling him which jab to throw, building him up when it appeared he was falling behind and he was able to let him know what his opponent’s weaknesses were throughout the fight.  Now, here is the interesting part…the Corner Man always knows the fighter can win, because they themselves are winner makers!

Well, that’s the same thing you should have in your corner – a Business Corner Woman that knows you can win, provides support, guidance and encouragement in life and business.  That’s Joan Wilson. She is able to tell you to bob and weave, don’t get knocked out before you get started; it’s only round one, don’t quit – your business is almost open; you’re almost there; the customers and business partners WILL come!  You WILL be successful.  “You’re a Winner, You’re A Champion!”

Joan Wilson is the author of Amazon Best-Seller “Don’t Count Me Out ~ I’m Just Getting Started” and founder of the Corner Woman movement for women who seek accountability and support to move past life’s most difficult transitions. As a widow and a fighter of Kidney disease, her unique talent is a “Let’s Win” attitude. Using a Be A Knock OutTM strategy approach which encourages women to not throw in the towel or count themselves out.

Joan is deeply committed to stepping in the mindset ring of your life and helping map out achievable strategies to win!

Joan will help you stand when you can’t. In the midst of chaos or just life happening too fast, she will help you condition your mindset to get it done! The Business Corner Woman is that voice from the “Corners of Your Mind”!

People Will Buy When You Are Clear…

Course Overview

Are you struggling with identifying and clearly articulating your brand?

If missing the mark with developing a consistent, content-rich and visual brand message on social media has you throwing in the towel…let’s change that, today!

Let’s face it, you may just need some hand holding and/or someone in your Corner to help you win.  Joan Wilson, known as the Business Corner Woman, will help you champion some of your struggles with content development, product creation and customized slide decks that increase your engagement and profitability.

Get insider secrets with Joan as she shares with you easy step-by-step (yes, the how-to) and techniques to separate you from the competition.  You’ll be able to create a competitive “disadvantage” for your competition by clearly articulating what you’re offering, understanding the value and benefits and how to easily start working with or buying products from you.

Help has finally arrived!

Joan will also show you how to do conduct Google research to find out what your market is searching for (testing the market) in just 15 minutes per week to continue growing your brand and client base every single day with the most highly targeted followers and customers. Learn STEP-BY-STEP how to add more people to all of your social media profiles AND how to sell to them!

  • Identify, establish and share “YOUR” Brand ~ Simply Brandnificent
  • Develop and implement a content strategy to wow your market
  • Create the “RIGHT” Blueprint to market your products
  • How to create the right products and programs that will “SELL”
  • Develop a signature presentation sales slide deck
  • …and MORE!

Learn EASY and INEXPENSIVE TECHNIQUES from Joan Wilson on creating a brand people want that solves their problem and are willing to buy from you. Creating and selling your passion-driven products is big business and can be achieved inexpensively. Joan will be sharing free software and tools she actually uses in her business to market her products and programs online. These tools can be used instantly to produce a number of products, visual content for social media, along with eBooks, videos and audios in several of her programs.

Content, Visual Social Marketing, Signature & Sales Presentation, and Product Creation are some of questioned areas online; however they are quite easy when it is focused on you and what your markets want from you!

Profit and Product Networking Access

  • Online Networking Room for All Attendees
  • More Opportunities To Get To Know All Attendees

Who This Product and Profit Lab Is For

    • Serious people who want to start or re-invent a content and visual brand-centered business!
    • Upper cut their passion into products and profits!
    • Serious individuals who are willing to take time, dig deep and do the work to go to the next level!
    • Business-minded professionals who wants to dust off their content and make some money!
    • Game changers who wants some hand holding, but mature enough to follow the leader to become a leader!

Who This Product and Profit Lab Is Not For

    • Complainers
    • Quitters
    • Whiners
    • Smarter than a 5th Grader
    • Slackers
    • Non-action takers
    • Short-cutters

Creating a Consistent Brand Message with Content and Products is the New Normal












Knock Out Your Competition in a BIG WAY!