Signature Sales Speech & Presentation Deck

You are an Author or Speaker who wants to take your speaking career to the next level, but you just cannot get the right things to say down that will end with a sale.

Our Signature Message and Presentation Sales Mastery Program will be ideal for you.  It will add additional income to your business by taking your books and products, which identify you as an expert and turning them into visual masterpieces that are systematically designed with your story and a perfectly executed sales script that leaves your audience practically throwing money to you or waiting to give you their credit card!

Now, you can create and sell from the stage or the back of the room your programs, along with your products and/or services.  Great way to leverage your business products and services!

Here are examples of two signature sales speech and presentation slides decks for: Chereace Richards for her 21st Century Woman event and Cheryl Wood for her Play Time is Over conference!

Let’s face it – you want to have a clear and concise message from the stage and be able to close the deal at the back of the room.  This program will help you do that and so much more.  We will even help you create your incentive offers (bonuses) inside of the slide deck!

Here’s the thing – if you are a coach, speaker, author – you need a well-developed presentation that leads to a sale.  So, every 6 minutes a person will shift their thinking, so with the effective use of sponsored-thought images, you can keep your audience engaged and lead them to a sale.

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